Submissions for the following kinds of presentations will open on Monday 12th December 2011 and close on Thursday 16th February 2012. Authors will be notified of the outcome by 5th March 2012.

  • Paper/Symposium (30/60/90 mins)
  • Performance (30 mins)
  • Roundtable (60 mins)
  • Pecha Kucha Forum (30 mins)

All proposals should be made on the Conference Submission Template and include (in this order):

  • Name(s) of presenter(s) (or the chair – in the case of a symposium or roundtable), institution(s), country (on separate page)
  • Title of presentation
  • Format (paper or symposia, performance, roundtable, pecha kucha)
  • Preferred sub-theme – (although final decision is reserved to the conference committee)
  • Abstract (up to 500 words, including a short list of key references).

Download Conference Submission Template

Proposal review criteria

  • The proposal FOCUSES on the conference theme
  • The proposal is CONNECTED to appropriate literature
  • The proposal is OF INTEREST to the intended audience
  • The proposal is WELL WRITTEN

Paper/Symposium (30/60/90 mins)

Single paper presentations explore one or more dimensions of the conference theme. The goal of these sessions is to share work-in-progress and engage in dialogue with conference participants, so timing should be balanced between presentation and discussion (20m+10m is optimal).

Where presenters have two to four thematically linked papers, you may propose a symposium with a maximum time of 90 minutes. In that case, you need to give an overarching abstract for the symposium as a whole and nominate a chair.

Performance (30 mins)

Performance-based presentations provide an opportunity for presenters to draw on forms, expressions and traditions of arts-based inquiry as a vehicle for exploring the conference themes. We welcome performance in all its variety. Some possibilities include: readers’ theatre, performance ethnography, and poetic representations of research. If you wish to propose a performance, your proposal will need to be strong in both the idea (related to the conference themes), and in the description of the type of performance. If the proposal involves audience participation, you will need to indicate that as well.

Roundtable (60 mins)

Roundtable discussions provide the opportunity for a lively discussion around a particular topic or area of research. They are an ideal opportunity for networking, and for building collaborations. If you wish to propose a roundtable discussion, the abstract should include an overview of the topic, and pose some critical questions that the roundtable discussion will explore. These sessions will be chaired by the person who proposed the discussion, and will last 60 minutes.

Pecha Kucha Forum (30 mins)

Presenters show 20 slides for 20 seconds, giving them 6 minutes and 40 seconds for each presentation. The aim is to exchange ideas in a concise and stimulating way. Presentations are image based, which keeps them engaging. Each forum will have three pecha kucha presentations followed by time for group reflection/discussion. Individual and group proposals are welcomed.