About the Conference

Our conference will run over three days with an overarching theme of ‘thinking, researching & living otherwise’. This theme invites contributions that offer productive, creative and imaginative possibilities for, as well as critical encounters with, academic identities. The programme offers an opportunity for researchers and scholars of academic practice and identity to imagine a space of being and practising ‘otherwise’, of speaking back to discourses that dominate the organisation of academic life, of remembering that our responsibilities to society lie in both duty and imagination.

Contributions on the following sub-themes will be welcome:

  • Academic identities beyond collegiality and/or managerialism
  • Academic identities that challenge orthodoxies and/or norms
  • New ways to theorise academic identities and the process of learning to be an academic (research students, post-docs, early-career academics)
  • Playfulness, sociality and creativity in academic life.

The 2010 conference, Academic Identities for the 21st Century, was held at Strathclyde University (UK) and attended by around 80 delegates from Australia, Canada, Poland, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and the US: the website can be accessed here.

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